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LunarClock.org is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to develop and promote the Lunar Calendar and Standard Time, or shorter just Lunar Standard Time (or even shorter, just LST).


The Lunar Calendar and Standard Time is just that, a calendar and time reckoning that is suitable for those one day living on the Moon. The LST was originally created by Rudolph N.J. Draaisma and is now maintained and developed by LunarClock.org. Read more about the details.


What's the point of Lunar Standard Time? Well, it is pretty clear that the Moon will be colonized sooner or later - actually probably sooner than you might think (take look at these initiatives). When that happens, the people living there will find it strange to live by a clock that is based on conditions on Earth. It's a safe bet to assume that some sort of new way of denoting time will emerge on the Moon. This new calendar would be based on Moon conditions. And so, we propose the Lunar Calendar and Standard Time.



Day 11: Cernan

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43rd anniversary!
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