Convert a date to Lunar Standard Time

Do you have a date you would like to translate into Moon-time? Just enter the date and time below, click convert, and see what this corresponds to in Lunar reckoning.

yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS Time Zone  

For example, "2015-01-23 12:33:00 -0500"

would be interpreted and converted to UTC (GMT)

January 23rd, 2015 17:33:00

This in turn translates into

47-11-27 ∇ 20:06:23

Is the conversion correct?

The accuracy of the returned Moon time (LST) depends on how accurate and detailed the date/time information is that you provide. Specifying a time down to the second, and getting the timezone offset correct would give optimal results. Read on below for some ideas on Moon-time conversions. Then, there are of course limitations in the program itself, i.e. dates too far back in the past or too far into the future might be converted with an error or won't compute at all.

Ideas on Moon-time (LST) conversions

If you are only working with dates, i.e. an accuracy of one Earth-day, you should specify the time to 12:00 and the time zone to UTC. This is because at 12:00 UTC the whole planet has the same date. Now, this will produce a full LST time indication, and the left hand part (everything before the ∇-symbol) is the Lunar date you are looking for.

A higher degree of accuracy really requires that you know the timezone offset of the time reference that you are supplying. For example, living in New York, USA, you have a time zone offset of -04:00 or -05:00 depending on whether you are in Daylight Savings mode or not.

Other formats

Other formats than the full standard LST notation are available. More information and examples can be found here.


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