The second day of the Lunar year, is named Aldrin after the second human being who set foot on the Moon's surface; Buzz Aldrin.

Aldrin stepped down from the LM ladder onto the Moon at 1-01-01∇ 00:19 LST.

Aldrin served as lunar module pilot for Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing mission. Aldrin followed Neil Armstrong onto the lunar surface, and the two deployed the EASEP and other instruments, took photographs, and collected 21.7 kg of lunar rock and soil. The astronauts traversed a total distance of about 250 meters, both ranging up to about 100 meters from the LM. They took two core tube samples of lunar soil and packed these along with the lunar samples and the solar wind experiment into the sample boxes. Aldrin returned to the LM completing a lunar EVA lasting ∇ 1h 43m.


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