The eleventh day of the Lunar year, is named Cernan after the eleventh human being who set foot on the Moon's surface; Eugene A. Cernan.

Captain Cernan stepped down from the LM ladder onto the Moon at 4-06-30 ∇ 16:50 LST.

Cernan made his third space flight as spacecraft commander on Apollo 17, between the dates 4-06-25 ∇ and 4-07-08 ∇, Lunar reckoning. He was accompanied by Harrison Schmitt, and at Taurus-Littrowthey activated a base of operations from which they completed three highly successful excursions to the nearby craters and the Taurus mountains. This mission established several new records for manned space flight that include the longest lunar surface extravehicular activities (∇ 22h 27m) and largest lunar sample return (an estimated 115 kg).

Cernan was also lunar module pilot of Apollo 10 as well as backup pilot for Gemini 12, and backup lunar module pilot for Apollo 7.


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