The eight day of the Lunar year, is named Irwin after the eight human being who set foot on the Moon's surface; James Irwin.

Colonel Irwin stepped down from the LM ladder onto the Moon at 3-02-03 ∇ 04:18 LST.

Irwin served as lunar module pilot for Apollo 15, the fourth manned lunar landing mission, which lasted from 3-01-28 ∇ to 3-02-10 ∇, Lunar reckoning. The lunar module, "Falcon," remained on the lunar surface for ∇ 68h (setting a new record for lunar surface stay time) and Scott and Irwin logged ∇ 18h 53m each in extravehicular activities conducted during three separate excursions onto the lunar surface.

Irwin also served as a member of the astronaut support crew for Apollo 10 and as backup lunar module pilot for the Apollo 12 flight.


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