The sixth day of the Lunar year, is named Mithcell after the sixth human being who set foot on the Moon's surface; Edgar Dean Mitchell.

Captain Mitchell stepped down from the LM ladder onto the Moon at 2-08-04 ∇ 11:24 LST.

Mitchell completed his first space flight as lunar module pilot on Apollo 14, between the dates 2-07-29 ∇ and 2-08-08 ∇, Lunar reckoning . With him on the Moon was Alan B. Shepard, commander. Maneuvering their lunar module, "Antares," to a landing in the hilly upland Fra Mauro region of the moon, Shepard and Mitchell subsequently deployed and activated various scientific equipment and experiments and collected Lunar samples for return to Earth. Among theApollo 14 achievements was: first use of Mobile Equipment Transporter (MET); and longest lunar surface stay time (33.5 standard Lunar hours); longest Lunar surface EVA (∇ 9h 26m).

Mitchell was also a member of the astronaut support crew for Apollo 9 and backup lunar module pilot for Apollo 10 and Apollo 16.


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