Lunar clock

In our vision, the concept of a lunar clock would be a time piece telling the Lunar Standard Time. We have the one on this website with the standard full notation, but there are numerous of other designs that could be thought of; Wrist watches, table top clocks, wall mounted displays, and all with different display designs.

Build your own lunar clock!

Yes why not? We would love to see examples of what can be done. It could be just the design, or a working lunar time piece. It could be software or hardware. The definitions you need are basic;

· A Lunar second is 0.9843529666671 Terrestrial seconds.

· A Lunar minute is made up of 60 lunar seconds.

· A Lunar hour is made up of 60 lunar minutes.

· A Lunar cycle is made up of 24 lunar hour.

· A Lunar day is made up of 30 lunar cycles.
  (Each is day named after one of the twelve men that walked on the Moon during the Apollo projects).

· A Lunar year is made up of 12 lunar days.

· The inverted triangle ∇ is the LST symbol, and if used it suffixes date and prefixes time.

More information on the Lunar Standard Time and LST formats can be found here.

Show off your lunar clock!

Have you designed or even made a lunar clock? Does it tell lunar time according to the LST? Then we want you to show it off here! E-mail us pictures and details and we'll post your work here.

Day 11: Cernan

Lunar dates to
keep track of!

43rd anniversary!
44-01-01 ∇

Luna-Glob 1
Year 45 ∇