Lunar Standard Time (LST)

Now that you are familiar with the concept of Lunar Standard Time, there are a number of date and time formats that can be used.

The LST symbol ∇

To denote that a date or time is Lunar, we use the inverted triangle (which is an ancient symbol representing Luna - the feminine principle). Many fonts support this symbol, as it is a part of notation in physics and mathematics, i.e. the Hamilton operator (▽, html code ▽, and Unicode 25BD) and the nabla symbol (∇, html code ∇, and Unicode 2207). In a pinch one could simply use the capital letter V instead. So, dates in Lunar reckoning (year, day, cycle) should always be suffixed by ∇ and likewise LST time should use the ∇ prefix.

The LST standard notation

This is Year-Day-Cycle ∇ Hour:Minute:Second. For example, this page loaded at 55-11-05 ∇ 20:34:21. The date and time are separated by the Lunar symbol (∇), and so it is a suffix to the date and a prefix to the time, as explained in the above.

The LST date format

Just stating the date part would be simply chopping of the time value. So we'd have 55-11-05 ∇, and the ∇-suffix indicates that this is Lunar reckoning. The day number could be replaced with its name of course, and since we are now in day 11 we could write 55-Cernan-05 ∇ or perhaps simply Cernan 5th.
Other examples of date formats, typically for denoting partial date references, include 5 ∇ (meaning Lunar cycles), and 55Y 11D ∇. The simple rule being; if there's an ambiguity, use Y/D/C to denote what is what.

The LST time format

Just stating the time part would be simply chopping of the date value. So we'd have ∇ 20:34:21, and the ∇-prefix indicates that this is a Lunar time code. Other examples of time formats, typically for denoting smaller time-frames, include ∇ 20 (meaning Lunar hours), and ∇ 34m 21s. The simple rule being; if there's an ambiguity, use h/m/s to denote what is what.

What about dates before 1-01-01 ∇ 00:00:00?

Such dates would simply be prefixed with a minus sign (-). For example, ten seconds before Armstrong stepped onto the Moon would be -1-01-01 ∇ 00:00:10. 14 cycles before Armstrong would be -1-01-15 ∇

Day 11: Cernan

Lunar dates to
keep track of!

43rd anniversary!
44-01-01 ∇

Luna-Glob 1
Year 45 ∇